5 Things I Learned at Day 1 of CFL Week

Published: Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018, 6:08 am

by: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

1)     Odell Willis can free-style rap. We will add him to the list of players who can do it, and one day hope to get a CFL Rap battle going between Odell Willis, Derek Dennis and Trevor Harris. 

2)     Greg learned he can no longer make fun of kickers. In Fan Fest, they had several simulated sporting events, and Greg failed miserably at all of them. On the flip side, he earned some validation when he was the only one to succeed at Football Ball Toss and won himself a CFL toque.

3)     Ricky Ray doesn’t plan to be just a mentor to James Franklin. He is going in to the 2018 season, fully expecting to learn from the young pivot just as much as he teaches.

4)     Trevor Harris disagrees vehemently with the Top 20 dominant player list put out by ESPN earlier this week.

5)     I learned that Fortnite is a 100 player Player vs Everybody video game. On the ride up to Winnipeg, there were many discussions over the hit video game that everyone seemed to be talking about. It wasn’t until Greg Ellingson mentioned playing it during our interview that we finally got to learn exactly what it is, and why it is so fun. Speaking of Greg Ellingson, we also learned during his segment with CFL Live, that he once wore a Barney costume. He didn’t go in to details, but he did start singing the song (I love you, you love me) to Brad Sinopoli, to explain who Barney was.


Bonus thing that I learned. Alex is very passionate about his love of Greek food and will fight you to the death over how wonderful he thinks it is.




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