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CFL 2.0 European Mock Draft - Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019, 5:04am


By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Not too long ago the CFL announced they were going to hold a draft for the 18 European players who took part in the National Combine in Toronto. Last Thursday, the league announced the draft order with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats holding the first pick. The draft will be held on Thursday, April 11 and is the CFL’s best way at ensuring that their CFL 2.0 initiative starts getting traction and getting ‘Global’ players on rosters.


Feelings aside about the roster management, I feel it would be fun to do a mock draft of the European Draft. I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about these players. I don’t pay attention to the combine, because those stats are honestly, completely worthless to me.


So that said, even though the league is only doing one round, here’s my complete shot in the dark CFL 2.0 European Mock Draft if it were to go two rounds:

Round 1

1.      Hamilton Tiger-Cats – WR Frederik Nielsen – Potsdam Royals (Aalbord, Denmark)

2.      Winnipeg Blue Bombers – DL Marc Anthony Hor – Frankfurt Universe (Manmheim, Germany)

3.      Montreal Alouettes – LB Maxime Rouyer – McGill (Troyes, France)

4.      Edmonton Eskimos – OL Alessandro Vergani – Schwabisch Hall Unicorns (Monza, Italy)

5.      Toronto Argonauts – DE Okko Outinen – Helsinki Roosters (Hameenlinna, Finland)

6.      Saskatchewan Roughriders – WR Benjamin Plu – Thonon-les Bains Black Panthers (Le Mans, France)

7.      BC Lions – OL Arttu Tennberg – Porvoo Butchers (Helsinki, Finland)

8.      Ottawa REDBLACKS – DL Mads Nielsen – Copenhagen Towers (Vejle, Denmark)

9.      Calgary Stampeders – LB Thiadric Hansen – Potsdam Royals (Flensburg, Germany)


Round 2

10.  Hamilton Tiger-Cats – DE Johannes Zirngibl – Straubing Spiders (Landau, Germany)

11.  Winnipeg Blue Bombers – WR Hendrik Schwarz – Marburg Mercenaries (Marburg, Germany)

12.  Montreal Alouettes – RB Asnnel Robo – University de Montreal (Cayenne, France)

13.  Edmonton Eskimos – WR Kimi Linnainmaa – Helsinki Roosters (Espoo, Finland)

14.  Toronto Argonauts – WR Jordan Bouah – Saddleback College Gauchos (Rome, Italy)

15.  Saskatchewan Roughriders – LB Roni Salonen – Braunschweig New Yorker Lions (Vantaa, Finland)

16.  BC Lions – DL Valentin Gnahoua – Berlin Rebels (Le Mans, France)

17.  Ottawa REDBLACKS – WR Max Earvin Zimmerman – Potsdam Royals (Berlin, Germany)

18.  Calgary Stampeders – QB Sonny Weishaupt – Grenoble Centaures (Aschaffenburg, Germany)


Feel free to laugh and tell me how wrong and dumb I am on Thursday. I hope I get 2 right.



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