Safimod's Monday Power Rankings - Preseason

Published: Monday, May 28th 2018, 8:05am

by: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

1: Edmonton Eskimos

2: Saskatchewan Roughriders

3-8: The rest of the CFL

9: Montreal Alouettes

Here’s what we know about the CFL so far, after a week of camp. Edmonton’s first string offense can move through the Riders backups like a hot knife through butter. They certainly didn’t miss a step on offense without Brandon Zylstra and Adarius Bowman in their receiving corps. Having said that, they were moving the ball against 1 of the 12 actual potential starters on the Riders defense, so we can’t put a ton of stock in their performance.

The Riders looked shaky to start, but got a grove around the end of the first quarter. Of the 3 QBs vying for that number 3 spot, BJ Daniels looked the best. Watford had some good moments, and some bad moments, but overall graded out average. Marquise Williams had a rough go of it and fits in 3rd in my power rankings. The Riders went in looking to grade out a few key positions. Terran Vaughn didn’t look out of place at left tackle, Marcus Thigpen solidified himself as the #2 back, Duron Carter played well at boundary corner, and Josh Stanford moved up the depth chart at Canadian WR. I hope we see more of Cameron Judge on June 8th against Calgary, as he looked good in this one, with a couple of big hits.

I’m no longer ranking teams based on potential until they have shown something on the field. This is why I am leaving teams 3 through 8 unranked. Having said that, Montreal will have to show me something before they move up to join the rest of the unranked group.

With the season now under way, I will be updating these power rankings on a weekly basis, so check back every Monday to see where your favourite team ranks.



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