Safimod's Power Rankings - Pre-Draft

Published: Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018, 6:10 am

by: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

  1. 1. Toronto Argonauts
  2. 2. Calgary Stampeders
  3. 3. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  4. 4. Edmonton Eskimos
  5. 5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  6. 6. Hamilton Tiger Cats
  7. 7. Ottawa Redblacks
  8. 8. BC Lions
  9. 9. Montreal Alouettes


While it may be a little early to start looking at predictions for the 2018 season, it certainly isn’t too early to look at the potential power rankings as we move towards preseason football. Speaking of which – 2 months from tomorrow is the first preseason game of the year. Football is inching closer every day, and it’s great.

Back to my power rankings. Toronto sits at number 1 for a very simple reason. They are the defending Grey Cup champions, and they got better over the offseason.

Calgary comes in at number 2 for a very similar reason. They were an errant pass away from a Grey Cup title and until we start to actually see their descent, they will remain near/at the top of the CFL power rankings.

3 through 5 felt very interchangeable to me. All 3 are solid teams who look primed to make a run for the top of the Western Division in 2018.

Hamilton sits in 6th right now – of the 3 remaining Eastern Division teams, they looked the best down the stretch.

Ottawa sits in 7th after a relatively unremarkable off-season. They signed the guys they needed to re-sign, but didn't seem to do much else.

BC comes into 2018 at 8th in the power rankings, after a rough 2017 season. At least right now, BC fans can still say “Hey, at least we aren’t Alouettes fans”.

There is no question, yet, who sits in 9th in the CFL power rankings. They have made a ton of additions, but they also threw a ton of money around to make it happen.



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