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Tokyos Unofficial CFL Podcast

  • 2018-Ep24 - Slip Slidin' A Grey (Cup)
  • 2018-Ep23 - These Are The F**kin' Daves I Know
  • 2018-Ep22 - In The Flair Tonight
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  • Just @RealAlexD and @Safimod for this week's show! Thanks @churchillbrew for the talking juice! Let's do that footb…

  • Former @sskroughriders CEO Jim Hopson among 7 getting the call to the @CFL Hall of Fame! #Riders #CFL #CFLHOF

  • RT @PifflesPod: A shout out to @Eddie_Steele97, #CFL CBA and a SHOPPING BAG?? @RealAlexD goes around the CFL in his Tuesday Takes https://…

  • RT @SKusalik: @PifflesPod Oilers fans here in Edmonton have started a rumour that Winnipeg doesn’t have a airport. It’s pretty great, and…