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2018 Roughrider Schedule

Published: Thursday, Dec 14th 2017, 6:12pm

The CFL has decided to give their fan base a fantastic Christmas present. The CFL schedule, which is normally released in February, was pushed out today. Not only that, we can see that the CFL Preseason starts in May, meaning the hashtag has to go from #IsItJuneYet to #ItsGonnaBeMay, which will certainly make my co-host Alex Dormuth, very happy.

Let’s look at some of the exciting games on the schedule for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Labour Day/Banjo Bowl (September 2nd/8th) – These are always big games on the Riders CFL schedule. Don’t really need to go into much detail. Saturday is a great day for Banjo Bowl, and I’m glad they made that move.

Thanksgiving Monday vs Edmonton (October 8th)- Love that we are getting a Monday Thanksgiving game at home. The out-of-towners might now like it, but hopefully they will still be able to make it.

Long Weekend Thursday in Edmonton (August 2nd) – Much like the game vs Edmonton, long weekend games are always fun. Thursday game might make it tough for Rider fans to make the trek, but we’ll find a way

Season Opener/Home Opener (June 15th) – Who will start behind center for Toronto? James Franklin or Ricky Ray?

The season starts and ends at home for the Roughriders.

3 games versus Winnipeg/Calgary (twice in Winnipeg, once in Calgary)

Home games:

Thursday: 1
Friday:  1
Saturday: 4
Sunday: 2
Monday: 1

Away Games:

Thursday: 3
Saturday: 6
Sunday: 1


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