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2023 Riders Wish List

Published: Monday, Jun 5th 2023, 6:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The 2023 season is FINALLY here and while we want want our team to win the Grey Cup, it just isn’t always a reality. After promising years in 2019 and 2021, the Saskatchewan Roughriders crashed hard in 2022 and my expectations of the team have shifted a bit for the 2023 season. Outside of the obvious, a Grey Cup Championship and streets down the Green Mile celebrating on November 19, here’s what I’d like to see out of the Riders this year.


O-Line Development

The 2022 Offensive Line for the Riders was absolutely that… offensive. I’m all for growing pains if it means the young guys get better. I think that WAS the case with Logan Ferland and Logan Bandy. I’d like to see both of them, along with last year’s draft pick Zack Fry prove that they belong in the CFL and can be the team’s anchors for years to come. It’ll take time, but I really think they have the pieces in place to get back to having a very solid O-Line. It appears they have their answers at tackle with Eric Lofton and either Jerald Hawkins or the newly signed Colin Kelly. There’s reason to be optimistic about the future of this O-Line.


Playoffs/West Final Appearance

Will Trevor Harris lead the team to the Grey Cup? I don’t think so. I don’t think the team is there just yet. But there is no reason why they can’t make the playoffs in the West Division (at absolute worst, the crossover). They have the 2nd best QB in the West, likely in the league, so I’d be EXTREMELY disappointed if they weren’t playing in the middle of November. Then anything can happen… I think they could get to Winnipeg for the West Final again.


Craig Dickenson Becomes a Leader

Last year, Craig Dickenson lost the team. They looked like a bunch of guys that were disinterested and just didn’t respect their head coach. That absolutely can NOT happen again. I’ve been very vocal about how I think Dickey is a great guy, but not head coach material. For the team’s sake, I hope I’m wrong. I hope he learned a lot in 2022, because going into a contract year in 2023, he NEEDS to lead this team and be a guy that the players look up to, respect and will run through a wall for. We’ve heard the talk, now it’s time to see the walk from the Head Coach.


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