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5 Things I Learned at Day 2 of CFL Week

Published: Saturday, Mar 24th 2018, 2:03pm

By: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

  1. Diontae Spencer is very confident in his ability to beat Chad Owens CFL record for All-Purpose Yards in a season. Not only is he confident that he is going to break it, but he wants to go for 4,000 yards. He’s taking James Wilder and Andrew Harris’ 1K/1K to the next level, and going for the #Diontae4K
  2. Not many players we spoke to, understood the reference to the 85 Delorean and a Flux capacitor. When asked where they would go if given an 85 Delorean, we were occasionally greeted with a blank stare. An intervention needs to be done. CFL coaches across the league need to sit these guys down after practice one day and show them Back to the Future.
  3. Grey Cup will awarded, likely to Calgary, within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Given that Saskatchewan and Hamilton both didn’t bid for this game, Calgary is the right call. The fact that it will be 2 (and maybe 3) consecutive Grey Cups within driving distance helps my bottom line. Both Calgary and Edmonton put on great parties in 09/10. I’m hoping for better results this time around.
  4. Bear Woods is the ultimate teammate. He was happier for his teammates than he was for himself, when the clock hit zero on their Grey Cup win in Ottawa in 2017. This would be understandable if he’d been there before, but this was his first CFL title. He is one guy I wish the Riders would have made a real hard push for in free agency.
  5.  According to Kyries Hebert, the Piffles Podcast crew needs a TV show. When we informed him that we “have the face for radio” he quickly flipped it and told us we have the face for TV. He pointed in my direction and told me I look just like the dude from Scooby Doo (Shaggy). Out of all the interviews we had over the past 2 days, Hebert’s probably surprised me the most. Not just because of his well thought out answers, but because he was the most soft-spoken person we talked to.

Bonus Thing I learned: The Winnipeg Jets are an exciting hockey team to watch. Fast paced, hard hitting, and non-stop. Will they be the first Canadian team since 1993 to win the Stanley Cup? No, probably not. But they will certainly take a run at it. I don’t if you’ve heard of him, but that Patrick Laine kid might turn out to be a decent hockey player.

Bonus Thing number 2: Josh Freeman subscribes to our Podcast. That’s cool!

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