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A View From The Stands: Domination in RiderNation Edition

Published: Tuesday, Aug 27th 2019, 1:08pm

A View From The Stands: Domination in RiderNation Edition


This week all the classic symptoms were present for the Saskatchewan Roughriders to succumb to a skeleton that has been in their closet for as long as I can remember. The trap game. Ottawa was coming to town and were looking to be ripe for the picking. The Riders were on a 4 game winning streak. The REDBLACKS were beginning a new offensive strategy spearheaded by the Throwin’ Samoan Joe Paopao. The Riders have a hard time punishing teams that deserve to be punished. Well to the delight of 32,000 the Riders proved the doubters wrong and dominated the Ottawa REDBLACKS to continue their 5 game winning streak.


– REDBLACKS starting QB Dom Davis was serving up interceptions in the first quarter faster that Piffles Pod has been unloading Cody Fajardo’s Jesus Sprinkles t-shirts. The Riders defence picked Davis off on 3 straight processions leading to a early exit. I think it’s safe to say that this was the last week we will see Davis as the starting QB for Ottawa. It’s time to see if Jonathan Jennings can turn the ship around and get them back in the hunt for a playoff spot. They do have the easiest remaining schedule (by opponent winning %).


– Speaking of Cody’s Jesus Sprinkles, they were on display again as Fajardo had a very respectful “game manager” type of game to lead the Riders to their 5th consecutive victory. While he didn’t have a completion longer than 21 yards he spread the ball around to 9 different receivers. Two plays stand out for me: first he and William Powell ran a perfect QB run option play to score the riders 2nd touchdown of the game. The second was when he was under pressure later in the game, he spun out of the pocket and while scrambling threw a perfectly placed strike to Naaman Roosevelt for a TD. Cody HAS officially emerged as the new legitimate starting QB for the Riders and RiderNation is loving it.


– the Riders defence was again ferocious and in these last 2 games finally resemble the Chris Jones defence of the past couple of years. Even while missing Micah Johnson and Zack Evans the Riders have been able to use the “Next Man Up” mentality with Earl Okine and Mak Henry filling their spots nicely. And Henry even went the whole game without a stupid penalty!


– The same could not be said for LJ McCray who was ejected after throwing 2 punches during a scrum after the Riders 3rd interception in the first quarter. McCray definitely deserved to be kicked out as there is no place in the game for that type of behavior, however after making the tackle Ottawa OL Nolan Macmillan had Derrick Moncrief’s leg trapped between his legs and looked to try to intentionally injure Moncrief. Not saying McCray was right to throw punches but they were directed at Macmillan as he was obviously standing up for his teammate. I wish he would have done it in a different way though. Let’s hope that the CFL hands out some supplemental discipline to Macmillan for his dirty play as I’m sure they will to McCray.


– One of the more impressive waves in recent memory happened at Mosaic on Saturday night. The positive is that for the first time in a LONG time it was actually started while the Riders were on defence. It unfortunately continued into the next Rider offensive series. When the Rider offense is on the field STOP THE WAVE.


– After this victory the Riders are second place in the West and have a crucial home and home series with the league leading Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Bombers Matt Nichols was the 7th starting QB to suffer a serious injury this season and will miss the next 5 weeks at least with a shoulder injury. If that wasn’t enough word came out early Monday more that star running back and potential league MOP candidate Andrew Harris has tested positive for a banned substance and has been suspended for the next two games. This is a huge advantage for the Riders as with a sweep of the bomber they could overtake the lead and become 1st place in the West. I am expecting a split but hopefully this new look Roughrider team can keep the train rolling and increase their winning streak at least a couple more games.


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