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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jun 27th 2023, 1:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


No taming these Lions – In the game I was looking forward to the most last week, the BC Lions made a statement… they have arrived! Their defense absolutely smothered the high powered Winnipeg offense and made them look foolish. So far, the BC D is only allowing 7 points per game, which is absolutely wild in the CFL. Vernon Adams Jr. has looked like the MOP through 3 weeks and should only get better when he gets ALL his weapons healthy. We have a new best team in the CFL right now and they’re going to be TOUGH to stop. Plus, they’re a lot easier to cheer for than the Bombers, it’s nice seeing VA cook and prove everyone wrong, he’s a guy I’ve always liked.


Cody turns back the clock – Cody Fajardo has looked very much like his 2019 self so far this season for the Alouettes and it’s great to see. He’s making good throws and despite still getting sacked plenty of times, he’s getting the job done. Once he gets his full arsenal of receivers back on the field, Montreal can really make some noise in the East. The Riders still made the right choice by moving on from him, but Montreal got themselves a highly motivated guy and it’s paying off so far.

The CFL’s Manager of Web & Digital Content Kristina Costible had this to say about the Als 2-0 start:

And I could not disagree more. It doesn’t matter if they beat Winnipeg, BC or Saskatchewan. They need to stay ahead of Hamilton and Ottawa, that’s it. Win those games and you are pretty much getting a home playoff game against either one of the bad East teams or the 4th place West team. And in the playoffs, anything can happen.


In the Nic (Marshall) of time – Riders cornerback Nic Marshall is the ultimate boom or bust DB. Has been for years. He’ll get burned deep by speed receivers, jump short routes that turn into big plays, but he’ll also get big time interceptions (many for TDs). Well, he got burned for a TD by Malik Henry, dropped two should have been INTs, but ended the Riders OT win over the Stamps in style with a pick in the endzone. With multiple DBs missing from the Riders roster, THAT’S the Marshall the Riders need going forward (ideally the boom type). 

Dinner on Delta – You give up on your team, you deserve to lose your job and that’s exactly what happened to Kai Locksley with the Elks. I don’t care if you are pissed off about fumbling and getting benched. You be the TEAM guy. ALWAYS. If you refuse to go in because you are pissed at your coach, pack your $#!& and go. Grow up and talk to your coach about it. You’ll never win that talk/debate, but it looks a hell of a lot better than quitting on the others. I’m sure some other team will give him a shot, but I’d never want a guy like that on my side.


Oh and CFL, will you EVER fix your stats issues? It truly is embarrassing. Awful.


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