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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jul 4th 2023, 2:07pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Happy Joey Chestnut Day! – It’s my absolute favourite day on the calendar… the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island! Happy Joey Chestnut Day, everyone! On my last day with The Green Zone, I interviewed Joey Chestnut (listen below) and I do have to say, that was probably the highlight of my radio career… and I’ve talked to HUNDREDS of Hall of Fame players, coaches and executives. I’ll be tuned in to watch him devour hot dogs and hopefully break his own record again! USA! USA! USA! 



But in all seriousness, happy Independence Day to all of those that help make the CFL as great as it is! Players, coaches, executives, etc. THANK YOU for coming to Canada and giving your all for our entertainment!


Oh, Canada! – While we are celebrating countries here, I love CFL Canada Day Weekend. I mean, look no further than the 2010 season opener between the Riders and the Alouettes. What a way to kick off a season and enjoy Canada Day! That said, it was a big time fail this year for the CFL to only have 3 games this past weekend. I get it, people travel out of town and go to the lake or cabin, so attendance is usually a bit lighter, but I really feel there should have been 4 games this week and a double header on Canada Day. Greg made a great comment on last week’s show… Touchdown Atlantic should be during Canada Day Weekend, as well as a game in Ottawa, one on the prairies and one in Vancouver. Make it the FULL coast to coast Canadiana that the CFL is trying to push.


Jonesing for a Change – Something needs to happen in Edmonton and it needs to happen now. Another loss, this time to the awful Ottawa Redblacks, should be the last straw. Whether it’s Chris Jones the head coach that needs to get fired (I don’t think that will happen) or if it’s Chris Jones the GM that needs to get fired (this is the route I’d take), something needs to be done. He’s absolutely bungled the QB situation in Edmonton and for a team that looked like they had some promising players from 2022, they somehow have gotten worse. Time for Victor Cui to step in.


The 6ix is Swaggin’ – EVERYTHING is going right for the Toronto Argonauts right now. Six interceptions last night against Vernon Adams Jr. and the BC Lions, they are a perfect 3-0 on the season with 6 points in the East and Chad Kelly is looking like a bonafide CFL starting QB. And not just that, he’s looking like one of the top QBs in the league. I hate the nickname ‘Swag’ Kelly, but it fits. The defending champions are rolling on their way to another Grey Cup appearance.


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