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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jul 11th 2023, 1:07pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


A win is a win is a win – Webster’s dictionary defines a ‘win’ as “to gain the victory in a contest”… so yes, anyone saying the Riders didn’t win that game against the Edmonton Elks is 100% wrong. At the end of the day (and the season), they don’t ask how, just how many. In a few weeks, everyone will forget about it. Was it hideous? Oh yes. Was it a truly awful game for the first 57 minutes? Also, yes. Was it entertaining as all heck at the end? Yep, unless you are an Elks fan. Yikes. Dave Campbell and Morley Scott from 630 CHED had the call on that final rouge that might hurt for Elks fans, but was a perfect call because of their raw emotion. Either way, the Riders won and in the standings (the only thing that matters) they picked up 2 important points to keep pace in the West. But if this is the team they are going to be, they’re absolutely Pretenders


Heart breaks for Ottawa fans – Just when the Ottawa Redblacks begin to show some promise, disaster strikes. Again. They get their first win over Edmonton with Tyrie Adams looking pretty good against Edmonton… he’s done with an ACL injury. But it’s okay, Jeremiah Masoli is back! While he definitely didn’t look good against Hamilton, he is still the best chance this franchise has to turn things around. Non-contact achilles injury in his first game back… yikes. I don’t want to say it’s time for him to quit, but it’s time for him to consider it at his age. And I feel for him and the Redblacks faithful. Dustin Crum and Nick Arbuckle? Good grief. Good thing they got that home win against Edmonton, I don’t see how they can win any other games right now.


Blue and Gold and finally beatable – Yeah, they beat the Stamps this past weekend, but they were awful in the first half, both O and D. And it’s not like the Calgary Stampeders are that good of a team. The Bombers’ O-Line isn’t what it used to be and while Willie Jefferson is still tearing it up, their defense has looked very vulnerable at times. They aren’t the powerhouse they were the last few seasons anymore, despite their 4-1 start… though I still wouldn’t bet against them.


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