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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jul 18th 2023, 2:07pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Jones-ing For a Win – What an absolute disaster in Edmonton. It’s way past the point of making fun of their 20 game home losing streak because it’s actually concerning for the future of the fan base there. The CFL can’t afford one of their biggest, most profitable teams to be this awful. As much as all other fan bases hated the EE back in their 80s dynasty days and we love seeing them lose on the field, it’s simply not a good thing. Usually the 2nd year into a Chris Jones era shows some improvement… somehow this team has gotten worse. 

And anyone thinking Chris Jones is going to get fired… think again. It’s not happening this year. Sure, Geroy Simon can be the replacement at GM… but what about Head Coach? Defensive Coordinator? No one on that staff will be back next year, so why have them lead this team for the rest of the year? 


Crum-back for the ages – Ok, Dustin Crum, I see you! His two TD runs to tie and win the game for Ottawa against Winnipeg were nothing short of phenomenal (watching him deke out Adam Bighill was FUN to see). I’m definitely not sold on him from that, because prior to the final drive, they had 9 points and a pick 6. That said, it was a great win for Ottawa and as much as I rolled my eyes at it, I love the Crum-Back shirt the Redblacks are selling. More marketing like this is what the league needs. And I do agree with Milt Stegall, this is the biggest win for Ottawa since the 2016 Grey Cup… though when you average 4 wins a season since then, it’s not like there are many to choose from.


This is… Fine – After the brutal injury to Saskatchewan Roughriders QB Trevor Harris, we now get to see Mason Fine and what he can do with extended time. He wasn’t exactly wonderful at the end of 2022, but other than Mario Alford, no one on the Riders was. He’s going to need help though. Over the last couple of games, the Riders O has done pretty much nothing. Offensive Coordinator Kelly Jeffrey will need to cook something up to give Fine some time… that’s really all this O needs. Some time. I’m not all doom and gloom for the Riders with the Harris injury, but I am looking forward to seeing what Fine has. I think he’ll do just… fine.


Oh Canada! – What a week of CFL football in week 6! Every game was within a score and some of those endings were just fantastic. It was a great week to be a Canadian Football fan!


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