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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jul 25th 2023, 11:07am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

We are now a third done the CFL season and the league was down to a third of their starting Quarterbacks already. I know there are 50+ other players on every team, but this week, the focus of my takes is on QBs.


Dickey & Jeffrey are Not Fine

The Green and White are in a lot of trouble right now and it’s not because they are down to their backup QB Mason Fine. Head Coach Craig Dickenson and Offensive Coordinator Kelly Jeffrey are calling absolutely baffling games and it’s holding the team back. Look at Ottawa with Dustin Crum. He’s their 4th stringer. FOURTH! And they let him play to his strengths. Fine has been with the Riders for 3 seasons now and the shot callers are limiting him? You can’t coach scared and that’s exactly what these two men are doing. And that’s not fine at all.


CFL’s Crum-ing out Party

The aforementioned Dustin Crum has led Ottawa to back-to-back wins in overtime in a few absolutely wild games and this is exactly what the CFL needs! They need new stars, especially at the QB position. Crum still has a lot to work on (I’m sure he’ll be the first to tell you that), but he has the ‘it’ factor that a lot of QBs right now in the league are missing. Market him NOW and let’s get another star in this league born! Coach Bobby Dyce has the Redblacks believing and they are most certainly the most exciting team to watch right now.


I Want to Bo-Lieve Again

Hamilton’s Bo Levi Mitchell is back practising and should be returning to the Ticats lineup this week against the Redblacks. While all eyes will be on Dustin Crum for Ottawa, it’s important that Old Man Mitchell can play strongly as well. The league needs their QBs to shine, both young and old and the Ticats fans NEED Mitchell to provide a spark to a team that had Grey Cup aspirations to start the season. For their sake, I hope Bo can do that for them. A strong East division race would be great to see.


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