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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – August 21, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Aug 21st 2018, 3:08pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

No Duron, No Problem

I don’t honestly think that having Rob Bagg on the Riders over Duron Carter was the reason the Riders dominated the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday (somehow, people think that’s the case…) but this Riders team showed they don’t need Duron at all. Zach Collaros is the straw that stirs the Riders drink on offense. Period. End of discussion. With him, they have a chance…. If only they could score 7 instead of 3, they might be viewed more seriously.

Great coming out party for friend of the show Jordan Williams-Lambert! Dude is a beast, just give him the ball!

Matt Nichols Day-to-day with Hurt Feelings

I often say it’s refreshing to hear a players REAL take on things… to get real emotion and stop being robots. I also understand the irony in my hating Matt Nichols’ whining about being booed by the Bomber faithful in Winnipeg the other night. Pro players need to have thicker skin than most. It’s not fair, but it’s the nature of the business. But Matt, they weren’t booing you, they were booing your team for a bad performance and your coach for putting you back in the game. With 2 tough games in Calgary and in Saskatchewan for Labour Day coming up, the “2nd most complete team in the league” could be staring at a sub .500 record and be without a win against a team with a .500 or better record.

Johnny Backup

Antonio Pipkin played pretty well for Montreal in his first career start and he did enough that Montreal should start him again this week against Toronto instead of starting Johnny Manziel. Now that teams have film on him, it will be tougher, but Pipkin looked like he has promise. Manziel, while better in game 2 than game 1, still doesn’t inspire fans. I know you “don’t lose your job due to injury” (BS by the way), but you lose it because of performance. Pipkin’s performance was better than Manziel’s. Don’t completely move on from Manziel, but go with Pipkin. Your fanbase deserves SOME hope.

TD Cellys

The CFL is weird. Let’s celebrate a guy who scores a TD down 24 points and uses a TV camera as a prop, but give a penalty to a guy for crawling through an ad sign (and used a towel as a prop in a TD celly earlier). ALL of these are fun celebrations! Either let them do it, or don’t. Just don’t pick and choose which celebrations you give penalties for. Have some consistency. If anything, penalize the guy down 24 points for being selfish and caring more about himself than getting his team back into the game.

Oh, STOP THE DAMN WAVE WHILE YOUR TEAM IS ON OFFENSE!! I don’t care if fans do the wave while their home team is on defense, but educated fans know better than to do this on offense. I’m not anti-fun, just against ruining your home field advantage. PLUS THE WAVE IS REALLY STUPID AND IT SUCKS.


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