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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – August 28, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Aug 28th 2018, 2:08pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

“Real Season” Starts Now

It’s Labour Day week in the CFL! According to some, the REAL season starts now… I don’t buy that one bit. Games in July count just as much in the standings as they do from here on out. Yes, you want your team to be hitting their full stride right now, but the real season started in June. That said, the games get more interesting and we get more divisional matchups and with how the divisions are shaking down this year, things are only going to get crazier.

Canadian Fun League!

The CFL announced Thursday morning that they are relaxing their rules on touchdown celebrations to add props. FINALLY! Of course there are slight limitations as they can’t depict violence or anything sexual, but we are going to continue to see some creative celebrations from the players for the foreseeable future. I LOVED when the NFL allowed this when Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens went crazy with their celebrations. Good on you CFL. The videos of the celebrations will go viral and gain more exposure to the game. Only good things can come from this! All eyes are on Duke Williams of the Edmonton Eskimos now… let’s see what you got, Duke!

Pipkin Ain’t Easy!

He’s not just a one game wonder, Antonio Pipkin is for REAL! The Montreal Alouettes QB against started in place of the injured Johnny Manziel and again, looked like he belongs. The Als FINALLY won their first game at home in over a full calendar year (and now the Riders aren’t the only ones to lose to them, so thank you Argos!!) and have hope. For the first time since Anthony Calvillo retired, the Alouettes have a QB that seems to have the “it” factor. There is absolutely NO WAY the Als can start Manziel over Pipkin now. Winning ultimately sells tickets and Pipkin gives them their best chance, not Manziel. I know you don’t lose your job to injury (BS by the way), but this should now be Pipkin’s job to lose. Keep it up kid!

It Ain’t Pretty, it Just Looks That Way

They don’t ask how, just how many. Good thing for the Riders too, because that 2nd half against BC was about as yawn inducing as a game can get. The Riders outscored BC 4-3 in the 2nd half and now sit 3rd in the West Division, but that game was hard to watch after an exciting first half. That said, good teams find ways to grind out wins and that’s exactly what the Riders did, thanks to a 3rd down short yardage stop with under a minute to go. While it wasn’t pretty, the win in the standings sure is! Look out Edmonton…

DC in the 6ix

Duron Carter has officially signed in Toronto and I LOVE this fit for him. Yes, we could go on about how this is his 8th team in 10 years and his off field antics, but this is a great situation for him. He only has to play about half a season and will absolutely be reigned in by head coach Marc Trestman. Additionally, Carter is reunited with Jim Popp who has dealt with him before and receiver S.J. Green will be by his side. Trust me Argo fans, you WILL love this guy! Sadly, he will likely just be there for this season, then who knows. But it’s a great playmaker for the Argos as they look to keep pace in the East Division and host a playoff game. Plus it sounds like his first game will be against the Riders, so that will be fun!


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