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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – August 7, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Aug 7th 2018, 2:08pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Comeback SZN

#NoLeadIsSafe — That game was the CFL in a nutshell. McLeod Bethel-Thompson led the Argos from 24 points down to beat Ottawa 42-41 on a final second throw to Armanti Edwards.

We all anticipated a QB debut this past weekend, but no one thought it would have been this one. Bethel-Thompson looked VERY good in the 2nd half of that game and now we question whether James Franklin is legit or not… guess it’s a good thing that Chris Jones didn’t go hard after Franklin in the offseason…

Johnny (Throws an Intercepted) Football

This was the most anticipated game in the CFL since… well I don’t remember a game with this much hype and boy, for half the fan base, it delivered. Johnny Manziel threw 4 picks in the first half en route to a 50-11 drubbing at the hands of the Hamilton Ticats.

For the most part, all reaction that I saw was that people were happy Manziel played poorly. I get it, people don’t like him, but I truly felt bad for him. First, he was put in an absolutely crap position by Montreal. He had 4 practices to learn a new playbook, not nearly enough to have a grasp of what they are trying to run. You can blame Kavis Reed and Mike Sherman for that.

Since coming to the CFL, no one has EVER been under this kind of pressure and had this much hype behind them. This was set to be a failure unless he threw for 500 yards and 5 touchdowns. All Manziel has done since coming north is say and do the right things, yet he’s been vilified non stop. No doubt the league and TSN hyping him have people annoyed with his name, but sorry, that’s what sells the game for them. They have a job to do and Manziel is going to bring in a casual fan, not a Mike Reilly, Alex Singleton, etc. Guess what, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Get used to the name.

TO works out for Jones

File this under the “Of course he did” column… Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens worked out for Riders GM/Head Coach/VP of Football Ops/Defensive Coordinator/Waterboy/Retail Store Manager (shall I go on?) Chris Jones over the long weekend. What the hell, why not? It’s not like TO was the only one working out, there was a QB and a DB there as well. There is absolutely no harm in having a workout for the 2nd leading receiver of all time, even if it was just one day after his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

Now, if Jones were to sign him, then we have a different discussion. The irony of working out a 44 year old receiver when Jones let go of Bakari Grant and Chad Owens after Training Camp because “it’s a young man’s game” is not lost on me. That said, HELL YEAH, bring on Owens! I LOVE this guy and it would be an absolute blast to have a chance at putting a microphone to him if he made his way up here. I’m on board, I got my popcorn ready!

Zach and Duron Make a Touchdown

For just the second time this season, the Riders played a game with players where they are supposed to be playing. While I could vent about how the Riders have no idea how to run and execute a goal line offense or just the playcalling in general, I’ll save that for the Piffles Podcast you can hear tomorrow.

Zach to Duron looked GREAT… but it only happened once. Duron and Naaman Roosevelt are your best offensive weapons. GIVE THEM THE BALL. People are giving Duron the gears because he “isn’t a leader” after his comments post-game about how he and Roosevelt are just out there watching the game? HE’S RIGHT! Duron has never and will never be a guy to a) hold back and b) be the vocal leader of his team to the media. He’s a receiver, a diva position. He’s outspoken and he’s frustrated that the team’s talents are going to waste. And so am I. We have our starting QB back in Riderville… let’s get this thing going!

But people will find ANYTHING to talk trash about Duron Carter…


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