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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – July 3, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2018, 2:07pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Putting Their Stamp Down

I said this was finally going to be the year that the Stamps slip up a bit and just like every other year, they just keep winning and proving everyone wrong. Their defense is playing phenomenally and the return of Eric Rogers is making their offense very solid yet again. You pretty much have to play a perfect game to beat them right now.

FINALLY A Suspension

For years, we’ve seen Kyries Hebert throw dirty hits over and over and never really face any discipline. Well he launched himself headfirst into Stamps receiver DaVaris Daniels’ head. Luckily Daniels got right back up and CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie acted immediately, suspending Hebert for 1 game.

While 1 game isn’t much, in comparison it is the same as a 4-5 game suspension in the NHL. Hopefully this time Hebert learns, but something tells me, it won’t do anything. It’s a shame to see him continually act like this because after meeting him at CFL Week in Winnipeg, he was such a NICE guy and nothing like we see on the field.

Jeremiah Eats Em Raw

I know we are only 3 weeks into the season, but Jeremiah Masoli is the MOP of the league so far. No one in the CFL is under more pressure than Masoli and he’s outperforming everyone else on the field. As much as I want to see Johnny Manziel take the field, I’m enjoying Masoli’s play way too much right now and you just have to be happy for the guy.

Knock Knock, Who’s There? Gable Guy

CJ Gable went OFF on BC this past weekend, rushing for 165 yards on 23 carries, adding a touchdown. Edmonton’s O-Line took control of that game in the 2nd half and a big part of that success was Travis Bond. Can’t help but wonder what the Riders O-Line would look like if they kept him around… sigh.

Out-coaching Yourself

Chris Jones is a heck of a coach, in fact, he’s so good at coaching, he’s out-coaching himself! Duron Carter can play DB in a pinch? What the hell, let’s cut the only other backup DBs we have on the roster and let Duron continue to get burned by Diontae Spencer and Chris Williams! O-Line is an issue? Let’s release an all-star, sign another all-star and cut him and let our QBs play scared!

I don’t fault players like Duron Carter or the guys on the O-Line. They are being put into poor positions by Chris Jones. The offense NEEDS another top tier receiver to take the pressure off of Naaman Roosevelt… too bad there isn’t one on the roster to do that…

Chris Jones is a stubborn man and he wants to prove himself right and not admit a fault. That will be his downfall on the Riders unless something drastically changes on this team and they start winning again. There is already a huge contingent of fans here that hate him and say he is ruining the team (not sure how improving a terrible 3-15 team is ruining anything, but I digress…), so the pressure is definitely on Chris Jones to deliver wins sooner rather than later.

All I ask is just put your best players in the best positions to succeed and we aren’t seeing that in Riderville and it’s costing us games now. I’ve always been told one thing… KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Time to get back to making the game simple again.

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