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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – June 19, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Jun 19th 2018, 3:06pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Offense Scores Points, Defense Wins Championships

If you thought the Riders defense of 2013 and 2014 was good, the 2018 version is going to be even better. This is a championship defense that Chris Jones has assembled and if they get any consistency from Zach Collaros and the offense, the Riders will have a legit shot at the Grey Cup this year. Heck, even the worst LB of all time (well… according to Bomber fans) Sam Hurl looked pretty good on Friday night against the Argos.

This might sound a little Stampeder-ish, but the only thing that can beat the Riders is the Riders. I can’t wait to see how this team gels and grows throughout the season.

Long Live the Night Bowl

The longest single day CFL game of all time last 6 hours in the season opener on Thursday. Props to all the fans that stayed the entire time, especially on a Thursday night. But 6 hours… gross. Especially on a weeknight. The least Winnipeg could have done is kept the Rum Hut open the entire time.

The Dropoff has Begun

Despite a win to start the season, the Stampeders are showing signs of their decline of dominance over the West Division. Now, I’m not saying they are bad team. They are still a VERY good team, but they very easily could have lost to Hamilton at home to start the season. This has more to do with other teams (especially in the West) finally catching up to them than it does a big decline from the Stamps, but the signs are there. They are very beatable and as someone who subscribes to #ABC (Anyone But Calgary), this makes me very happy.

I have them pegged at 3rd place in the West and it will be nice to see them have to travel in the playoffs for once. About time the rest of the CFL caught up to them.

We’re Going Streaking

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m disappointed in Marcel Young for decking the fan that ran on the field in BC… He should have hit him harder! You sign a contract when you buy a ticket that says you won’t go on field and that the teams can’t be held liable for anything that happens to you. The loser got what he deserved and for anyone that is defending him, you go run into someone’s workplace, do the same thing and let me know how it ends for you.

No Family like the #CFLFamily

Finally, a shout out to the AMAZING fans that the CFL has. One of our neighbours has a 6 year old daughter and just the other day, they found out that her bike was stolen overnight. She just got the training wheels off and learned how to ride a 2 wheeler a couple of days earlier. Obviously, she was devastated when they all saw the security camera video of a 50 year old (give or take) man going by and taking her bike. Well, my wife Amy posted on Twitter how it upset her and a bunch of people from across the country all commented that they want to help get this girl a new bike. Some are people we’ve been lucky to meet in person, some not yet, but let me tell you… these people are the BEST. We like to rag on each other’s teams all the time, but there are no better people out there than CFL fans. Thanks to them, we will be getting our neighbour a brand new bike immediately.

THANK YOU for turning a negative into a positive. She is absolutely thrilled by the gesture and I can’t wait to see her face when she gets to ride the new bike. You are amazing, #CFLFamily, don’t ever change!

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