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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – June 26, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Jun 26th 2018, 3:06pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Blowouts, Blowouts Everywhere

Well that was a terrible week of games after a close first week. The only good thing that came out of week 2 is that there is some parity in the league, even if it’s just after 2 weeks. Every team besides Montreal has a win (Calgary has 2), so hopefully this is the parity we’ve been craving for the last number of years.

Ricky Ray

Scary incident in Toronto as Ricky Ray suffered a neck injury and was on the ground for quite some time before being taken off the field on a stretcher. You never want to see players get seriously injured, especially a classy man like Ricky Ray. Thankfully he was moving all his extremities and has now gone home to rest. This is similar to how Anthony Calvillo’s career ended and I sure hope that this isn’t it for Ricky Ray. Not this way. Yeah, he could have gone out on top last year after the Grey Cup win, but he still has plenty left in the tank. Sadly, we don’t know if we will see him again. Be strong Ricky, the entire CFL is with you and we are all wishing you the best.

The Duron Experiment

The league’s most polarizing figure (and self proclaimed best player in the league) had an interesting last game. Duron Carter started at cornerback for the Riders against Ottawa and well… he was quite involved in the game. Carter had a pick 6 (AGAIN!), but then got beat deep by Diontae Spencer for a TD.

Carter was badly missed in the Riders offense and Chris Jones needs to end the experiment NOW. Get him back to where he excels because the offense pretty much sucked without him there. The Riders went from a position of MASSIVE strength, to a position of huge question marks after Naaman Roosevelt and Caleb Holley. Duron NEEDS to be out there catching passes from Zach Collaros.

Although, he has shown that he CAN play DB. Did he get beat? Yep. Name me ONE defensive back that has never gotten beat for a TD…

Still waiting…

To put it into some perspective, I ask a legit question. If you had a rookie cornerback who has played 2 games and in those 2 games he had 2 pick-6’s, gave up a TD to the fastest player in the league and had some other tackles and receptions against… would you take it? Would the growing pain be worth it if he scored more than he gave up? I think most people would be okay with it. That’s essentially what has happened with Duron, but why all the hate thrown his way? Oh yeah, a) he’s Duron Carter and b) he’s a Rider.

All that said, get him back on offense. It’s embarrassing that Chris Jones and company can’t find another legit DB to come in and play corner, especially with all the scouts and money they put into recruitment.

Jeremiah Football

Jeremiah Masoli is proving that his bad preseason was an anomaly. Other than one bad pass against Calgary, he has looked VERY good to start the season and my week 5 prediction of Johnny Manziel being Hamilton’s starter is looking quite wrong right now. Masoli’s game against Edmonton was phenomenal. The 2nd down conversions he was able to consistently get and the throws he was making was a joy to watch (especially since it happened against Edmonton). Good for you, Jeremiah. The pressure to perform is bigger on you than anyone else in the CFL right now and you are killin’ it!

Humboldt Strong

This upcoming Saturday in Regina is not just a regular Riders game. They are doing a tribute to the families and people affected by the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash. If you are going to the game, get there early as things are getting underway at 6:45 (about 25 minutes before kickoff) and be sure to bring some Kleenex. There will not be a dry eye in the house and hopefully we can show that we all stand together for those families and that we are all Humboldt Strong.

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