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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – March 27, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Mar 27th 2018, 3:03pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

CFL Week has come and gone and it was another successful event. It doesn’t come without it’s flaws, but for only having 2 events like this under their belt, I feel the CFL did a great job again. That said…

The league should look at bringing in more local flavour wherever CFL Week is held. Let’s face it, people won’t travel for this event. As fun as it is, I wouldn’t go across the country for it. Market it to the local city and bring out those players. This year in Winnipeg, Weston Dressler, Matt Nichols and Andrew Harris should have been EVERYWHERE! Other than his media obligation, was Dressler anywhere? Bring out the Bombers roster and then a handful of other players from other teams. Same goes if the event is in Hamilton or Ottawa or wherever next year.

Four or Five days of it is also pretty long. If you go to fan fest one day for a few hours, it loses it’s allure. Other than coming back for alumni autographs, you don’t need to go twice. It’s a fun time, but you can only do the same things so many times.

Kudos must be given to the staff with the CFL. I’m not sure there is a better group of people in a workplace than there is in the CFL. Absolutely amazing people and ALWAYS smiling, no matter how busy they are. It’s not easy to coordinate an event like this and they deserve so much credit for making it go so smooth!

Best interviews at CFL Week: Ricky Ray, Kyries Hebert, Bear Woods, Simoni Lawrence and man was I impressed by how mature Kamar Jorden is and how he handled questions about last year’s Grey Cup.

Check out www.pifflespodcast.com for more on CFL Week and stay tuned for more interviews from the biggest stars of the CFL.

The Riders signing DB John Ojo (formerly of the Edmonton Eskimos) is a huge signing. Ojo was one of the best players in the league in 2015 before signing in the NFL with the New York Jets and then getting hurt. He’ll take over the Cornerback spot vacated by Kacy Rodgers and that leaves the team with only one hole pretty much on the entire team (at Middle Linebacker).

The Riders D is absolutely loaded (man I love saying that). Calgary has been known for their smothering defense the last few year, but other than the question mark at MLB, I don’t see a team on paper better than the Riders. They have a great D-Line and a great mix of vets and young guys in the linebacking crew and the defensive backfield. They won’t say they are all in for 2018 like they did for 2013, but this team is all in NOW to win. Can’t wait for the season to start!

As a Rider fan, I’m jealous of where the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are in terms of being set up in the CFL Draft this year. Hamilton has 9 picks overall, but 5 of them in the first 20 picks. Eric Tillman and Kent Austin have done a good job of turning Zach Collaros and John Chick into potential long term starting Canadians, possibly on the O-Line as this draft is regarded as O-Line heavy. For comparison, Chris Jones and the Riders have 5 total picks in the draft, the least in the league. Not good for a team that doesn’t have the best Canadian talent.

Granted, a few of those missing picks have resulted in starting QB Zach Collaros, Safety Mike Edem and in a round about way, All Star DE Charleston Hughes (who was acquired from Hamilton in the Vernon Adams trade, originally brought in to the Riders for their 3rd round pick). But if you get a franchise QB and an All-Star DE for a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder, it’s pretty hard to be that upset.

So Duron Carter likes pot cookies… big deal. THIS is what people are so mad at? C’mon… I get that most people don’t like Carter, but if you are mad at him, maybe take a look at what your favourite CFL stars do for recreation… Carter just needs to learn WHERE he can take his recreational fun.

*** Piffles Podcast is heading to the Banjo Bowl! Join us on the trip and let’s paint Winnipeg green! We will leave the Saturday morning of the game, tailgate at IGF for a little bit, watch the Riders beat the Bombers and then we will stay overnight in Winnipeg and come back to Regina on Sunday afternoon. Spots are limited and are filling up, so if this is of interest to you, let us know ASAP!

It promises to be a fun time and we have some great prizes lined up to giveaway ***


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