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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – Pass the Crow, Swag is the MOP

Published: Tuesday, Sep 12th 2023, 2:09pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


We’re two-thirds done the 2023 CFL season and the media is starting to talk of who should be winning awards at Grey Cup week. I gave my Top 5 after week 6 of the season, but things changed in the middle portion of the season. Here’s my updated Top 5 Most Outstanding Player Candidates.


1. Chad Kelly – QB, Toronto Argonauts (Last: 5) – I am here to eat all the crow. I was dead wrong about him when I questioned if he wanted to put in the effort to be a starting QB in the league. While he doesn’t have the best stats, there’s no doubt that Chad Kelly has earned his way to the top of the conversation for MOP. He’s exceeded all expectations of him this year and has made not just good plays, but very smart plays all season long. Plus he’s the best player on the best team… voters usually love that.


2. Zach Collaros – QB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Last: Unranked) – Not that I think he has been the best player in the league so far, but Zach Collaros is the two time defending MOP and he’s been very good this year, especially at IG Field. He’s still the QB I’d take in a winner take all game if I HAD to pick one.


3. Vernon Adams Jr. – QB, BC Lions (Last: 1) – The reason he isn’t #1 right now for MOP to me is because of his missed time due to injuries. Otherwise, he’s generally been the best QB in the league and the best player in the league this year. He’s quickly become one of my top few players in the CFL and his play is a huge part of that.


4. Brady Oliveira – RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Last: Unranked) – What a season for Oliveira and while he’s likely going to win Most Outstanding Canadian, he should get votes for MOP as well. Regardless of passport, Oliveira is a game changer and he is a huge reason the Bombers are on their way to another first place finish in the West.


5. Willie Jefferson – DL, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Last: 2) – Willie has been excellent all season long. Getting to the QB, dropping back and knocking down passes, this guy does it all and does it at an elite level. Maybe I’m biased with Willie Jefferson because he’s probably my favourite player in the league, but Big Willie J should get some consideration for the MOP award, not just Defensive Player of the Year.


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