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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – September 25, 2018

Published: Tuesday, Sep 25th 2018, 1:09pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

You Play to WIN the Game

I guess June Jones didn’t listen to Herm Edwards…

Ticats Head Coach June Jones had 3 options on Saturday night at the end of their game against the Lions…

1) Kick a very makeable 44 yard field goal, make it a 10 point game and essentially end the game

2) Punt the ball, pin the Lions deep in their own end, forcing them to go nearly 100 yards to tie the game

3) Punt the ball for a single, give the Lions better field position AND a chance to tie the game

We all know how it ended and it falls squarely on June Jones. Nevermind that the Ticats defense couldn’t close out the game, if you don’t have trust in your kicker to make a 44 yarder INDOORS, then you have a bigger problem. Great confidence boost for your team.

I picked Hamilton to win the East in my preseason predictions, but making stupid decisions like this will have them one and done to the West division crossover team in the East Semi-Final. On the bright side, Hamilton still has a 3 game lead on a home playoff game and their loss to BC put the Bombers out of a playoff spot…

Blew Bombers

The self proclaimed “most complete team” in the CFL, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to miss the playoffs and it couldn’t possibly make me happier. For a team and fanbase that talked so much smack about how this was finally their year, watch out, we are better than you, blah blah blah… to miss the playoffs completely? PURE. JOY.

Currently sitting out of the playoffs, there’s no way the Bombers make a playoff push. They have @ Edmonton, @ Ottawa, vs Saskatchewan, vs Calgary and @ Edmonton left. That’s a TOUGH schedule down the stretch, add the fact that they have only won a single game against a team that is .500 or better (all of these upcoming games are against teams better than .500) and there is zero chance they finish ahead of BC/Edmonton/Saskatchewan. Sorry, not sorry, but it looks great on them.

Congrats on beating Montreal at home though, at least you can hold that over the Riders heads until next year. 1990.

Not How, Just How Many

All that matters is what you see in the standings… the Wins and Losses. The Riders SURVIVED their game last week against Toronto in a game that probably should have been a blowout. It came down to kickers and the Riders have the best one in the league (no disrespect to Lewis Ward in Ottawa, he’s been MONEY). There isn’t a kicker in the league that I trust more with long kicks than Brett Lauther. Somewhere June Jones is wishing he had a kicker half as good as BFL.


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