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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes – You ARE What Your Record Says You Are

Published: Tuesday, Sep 19th 2023, 1:09pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The Ottawa Redblacks are a BAD football team. They aren’t better than what their record indicates they are, sorry Kristina (Costabile, the CFL’s Manager of Web & Digital Content). If they WERE a better team than their 3-10 record, they’d have a better record.


The fact is, good teams find ways to win, bad teams find ways to lose and average teams do both. The Redblacks had a 19 point lead on the road in BC on Saturday night, 16 points with just a few minutes left and gave us one of the all time great (or worst?) collapses in CFL history. I’d be a bit more surprised if another team lost a game like the Redblacks did on Saturday against the Lions, but if you told me it was Ottawa that lost the way they did, I’d 100% believe you. 


They’ve lost 7 straight games! How can you be better than you are when you’ve lost SEVEN STRAIGHT GAMES??


Nothing the Redblacks have done over the last few years has indicated to me that they are a better team. Nothing. It’s the same old, same old, just with new faces. I can’t explain it. They SHOULD be better. You’d think with all the changes they’ve had, they WOULD be better. But until they actually prove it on the field with wins, I won’t believe they are more than a last place team.


This said, they have made some strides this year and have been in pretty much every game, but that goes to show just how far back of everyone else they have been over the last few years. I’ll cut some slack considering their starting QB Dustin Crum was their 4th stringer to start the year, but there’s no sugarcoating it… 3-10 is BAD and you are NOT better than a 3-10 record.


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