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Alex’s CFL Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Jun 20th 2023, 1:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Anyone else love that we have had CFL football on 4 nights each week to start the season? I love these Sunday evening games! You can still do all your weekend stuff and not miss out on any action! This is perfect for the summer! Anyways, here’s my CFL Tuesday Takes.


  • High Hopes Remain in Riderville – I’ve never seen fans so optimistic after an 18 point loss, but that’s where Saskatchewan Roughrider fans are at right now. Injuries have taken their toll on the team, but they played a great Bombers team quite tough for the first 50 minutes of Friday night’s game. Then they simply ran out of gas. They played a team that had 2 extra days of rest, but this week they’ll have a full week off to get ready for the Stampeders. Trevor Harris has already made an impact on the team and has given hope again to Rider Nation. 


  • QB Trade time! – Chris Jones, time to trade for a QB. I’m not sure who would give you one, but you have to move on from Taylor Cornelius. Outside of that 102 yard TD (which was ALL Geno Lewis), Cornelius has been dreadful… and that’s putting it mildly. Move on, cut your losses and turn to someone new… ANYONE new. I was going to suggest Matthew Shiltz, but with the injury to Hamilton’s starter, Shiltz isn’t available right now.


  • Bo No! – Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Bo Levi Mitchell fan. Always have been. But the decisions he is making with the Ticats so far are hurting his team. I think he’s trying to prove to the doubters that his shoulder is fine and he’s still a top tier QB, but throwing INTs that take points off the board is going to make Ticats fans go from Bo-lieve to Bo-LEAVE. All eyes will be on his quad injury going into their home opener this week and if it’s anything that keeps him out for a while, Matthew Shiltz will have a great chance to prove to the league that he’s a CFL starting QB.


  • Swag in the 6ix – The Chad Kelly era has begun in Toronto and I will admit, that after one game, I was wrong about him. He looked comfortable, was a leader and the Argos had their way with the Ticats. This is EXACTLY what the CFL needs, especially in the Toronto market. If he can continue his hot play and keep the Argos rowing through the East, a new star could become the face of the league. I still have my doubts, I’m still not that big of a fan of his, but I’m pulling for him for the greater good.


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