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Argos’ Year Show Nothing Is Impossible

Published: Wednesday, Dec 20th 2017, 2:12pm

By Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

It is really easy to point fingers and laugh at Kavis Reed and the Alouettes. Admittedly I do it a lot… I mean A LOT, just look at my twitter feed.

Reed said at the end of the season the Alouettes would have a head coach in place by the middle of December. We are now less than a week from Christmas and it seems that the Als will finally unveil their new head coach today.

But fret not Alouette fans, we have seen CFL franchises turn on a dime fast and get back to the top. Just need to look at the same conference at the Toronto Argonauts and what happened this past calendar year.

At the end of January 2017, the Argos fired the general manager and their head coach quit to be a Quarterback coach in the NFL. They went into free agency as a rudderless ship (pun intended) with nothing to sell potential free agents on scheme wise.

It wasn’t until March 1st when the Argos were able to land Jim Popp as GM and Marc Trestman as Head Coach, could you feel the team might do something. But, no one, including the biggest Argo booster could have expected the season to end the way it did at Grey Cup 105.

Then to add to the joyous occasion of celebrating the championship they trade for QB James Franklin, who many believe will be the next great QB in the CFL. While he has yet to put his name to paper to play for the Argos, and there is much speculation that he is going to wait till free agency to see what is out there for him. A player of his calibre can only be good for the franchise, especially considering that Ricky Ray may be contemplating retirement.

Probably the most mind-blowing thing to happen to the Argos this year, was the ownership change to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. I have no idea what Bell and Larry Tanenbaum did to get Rogers on their side, but it always seemed weird that two-thirds of MLSE owned the Argos and Rogers was happy to just lob shots at the CFL. The Argos will now have the marketing machine of MLSE behind them now which will only help their status in the “six”.

So, if you are a fan and you think your team can’t turn it around just look at what the Argos did.

Because before you know it the season will be here sooner than ever.



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