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Becoming New Voice of the Riders Hasn’t Sunk in Yet For Dave Thomas

Published: Saturday, Apr 20th 2024, 3:04pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


It’s been a week and a half since Dave Thomas was named the new Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders… and it still hasn’t sunk in for him yet. Dave graciously joined us on The Piffles Podcast this week and when asked if it had sunk in to be known as the new voice of the Riders yet, he said not yet. “No, but it still gives me a chill down my neck for sure and just hearing other people say it is pretty cool. No, it hasn’t sunk in, but it’s beginning to get real really quick.”

Besides doing the Play by Play broadcasts on 620 CKRM on Rider Game Days, Dave is doing morning sportscasts across the Harvard Media stations, so this gig is much more than just Rider game days.


I’ve heard a lot of people, especially in the Regina area ask since the announcement of Dave as the new team voice “Who is Dave Thomas?” Well, we asked him that on the show this past week. “Dave is a family guy, he’s a husband, he’s a father and that’s where I get my start and where the foundation of Dave is. Professionally, I’ve been privileged to be in broadcasting for 25 years. I had a chance to start broadcasting Saskatoon Hilltops games which is where I fell in love with football once again and then I got to do some Saskatchewan Huskies games, move into Canada West TV, I’ve done the World Junior Hockey Championship, a Memorial Cup on national radio, so I’m just the luckiest guy. I get to go ahead and watch sports and people actually pay me to do it.”


Photo courtesy Dave Thomas (X – @_sportsdave)


Growing up, Dave was a Rider fan and despite not living in Regina, still made it to Taylor Field a few times each year to catch some games. “It was always larger than life to go to Taylor Field, because from the time I was a kid, we got to go to games which was really cool, then I got the opportunity to play on that turf which was even cooler. Some of the best times I had was when we went to the old University Section at Taylor Field, it was AMAZING.”

(Can confirm, I had season tickets in Section 27, right beside the University section… it WAS amazing!)


While nothing will ever top working the sidelines at the Grey Cup in 2013, Dave’s favourite game at Taylor Field was on August 27th, 1993. The Riders packed Taylor Field against the Sacramento Gold Miners and Dave was sitting on the sideline behind one of the benches. Roughrider legend Dave Ridgway kicked a game winning field goal as the Riders won 26-23 and the fans stormed the field.



As for how he thinks the Riders will do on the field this year after back to back 6-12 seasons? “I’ll be blunt, I don’t do predictions. I don’t like doing predictions when it comes to wins and losses, but I can tell you, for me looking at this roster, yes, on paper, is much better than it was last year and I think primarily it comes down to Trevor Harris. If you can keep him healthy and he returns to form and brings the leadership that we know he is capable of, that right there raises the bar for the Riders.”


We’ll get our first game action look of the Riders on Monday, May 20th when the green and white host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in their home preseason game, which will be our first chance to hear Dave call his first Rider game, since the game won’t be on TV.



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