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Celebrity/Athlete Birthdays

Published: Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 5:05pm

by Stephen Safinuk @Safimod

An interesting statistic was announced today when it turned out that the Ottawa Senators captain (Erik Karlsson), Ottawa Fury captain (Lance Rozeboom) and Ottawa REDBLACKS starting QB (Trevor Harris) all share May 31st as their birthday. It got me to thinking – who, from Piffles Podcast, has the best collective of celebrity birthdays.

Let’s do this in alphabetical order:


@GregOnSports (November 17th) – Rachel McAdams, Nani, Ryan Braun, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, RuPaul

@Fernie635(January 17th) – Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Dwyayne Wade, Betty White, James Earl Jones, Steve Harvey

@RealAlexD (August 21st) – Usain Bolt, Hayden Panettiere, Wilt Chamberlain, Mike Evans, Kim Catrell, and Kenny Rogers

@RealAmyD (November 22nd) – Scarlett Johansson, Auli’I Cravalho, Mark Ruffalo, Oscar Pistorius, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brock Osweiler

@Safimod (November 12th) – Ryan Gosling, Russel Westbrook, Sammy Sosa, Anne Hathaway, Neil Young and Jason Day

Who are the most famous people born on your birthday, and which one of the Piffles Podcast writer/hosts has the best collection of celebrity/athlete birthdays?


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