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CFL Cut Down Day: A PSA

Published: Saturday, Jun 8th 2019, 4:06pm

CFL Cut Down Day: A PSA

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Today is cut down day in the CFL and there will be well over 200 players out of jobs by the 8pm SK time cut deadline. Dreams will be crushed, others will be realized and we as fans take this day personally. This goes out to ALL fans across the CFL, but especially those in Rider Nation (because we take it way more personally than any other fan base)… DON’T GET TOO HURT WHEN A PLAYER DOESN’T MAKE YOUR TEAM!!


I know we all have our favourites and guys that we root for. I know I sure do. BUT this is an evil business at times and the teams can’t build their roster based on the fans liking a guy. Yeah, it sucks to see a guy such as (now apparent former) Riders DE Chad Geter get cut, beause I REALLY expected and wanted him to explode this year, but the team sees better on the roster than him. That makes me excited to see what we truly have!


Last year in Saskatchewan was rough on fans because Rob Bagg got released. Look, I’ll level with you… Bagg is my FAVOURITE Rider of all time. I love his blue collar work ethic, the fact that he just did EVERYTHING he could to help the team and how can you not root for an undrafted player who ripped up both knees and kept fighting to come back time and time again? But his time was due. In fact, I believe he should have been released when Chris Jones took over the team in 2016. For sure in 2017. That’s not a knock on Mr. Bagg. That’s the team needing to go younger and cheaper at a position that really wasn’t used much in the team’s plans anyway. It was time.

I was fine with the move, but I was in the minority there. People are STILL mad that he was cut (then brought back because the team lost a grievance) and then not offered a contract for 2019. Well, there’s a reason why he and Weston Dressler are still free agents…


It’s great to get attached to players and cheer them on (sometimes blindly), but cut down day happens every single year. No need to get upset when you know it happens all the time. Yes, our hearts might break just a little, but we cheer for the logo on the jersey, not the name on the back… right?


Don’t take it personally. It’s just business.


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