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CFL Draft Day – Riders Ready to Pick 3rd Overall

Published: Tuesday, Apr 30th 2024, 2:04pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)



It’s CFL DRAFT DAY!! And just like EVERYONE else, I’m using the Simpsons screenshots and clips of Homer watching 15 rounds of the Canadian Football League Draft! Last season, I think the Riders scored more than 4 rouges, though.



I’m actually quite interested in this year’s draft for the Riders, because it’s the first with the new regime together. General Manager Jeremy O’Day has plenty of experience in the CFL Draft making picks, but it’ll be interesting to see which direction Head Coach Corey Mace wants to take his roster.


How does the current Riders roster of Canadians look? You can look at that here and get my thoughts on where the team should invest their draft capital. By looking at that Riders roster, it’s a pretty solid group of Canadians and doesn’t really have a lot of drastic needs to it. So should the Riders go for best player available or draft by positional need? Going by best player available is never a bad idea, but if Mace and the new coaching staff want to get more physical in the trenches, maybe they skip over someone who might be a bit higher on their draft board and go with an O-Lineman or a D-Lineman to start.


On last week’s episode of The Piffles Podcast, Greg, Steve and I did our Riders Positional Mock Draft and decided which positions will be addressed in each of the 8 rounds.



Of course, the CFL Draft is a crapshoot. You’ll find some big time steals in the mid-rounds of the Draft and you may swing and miss on guys at the top of the draft. It happens to every team, including our Roughriders. I gave my lists of Best Draft Picks (relative to where they were drafted) and the biggest swing and a miss picks made by O’Day during his tenure as GM of the green and white. We may see another miss this year, but I will say confidently, that O’Day and company will find a couple of DAMN good players in this draft in the mid rounds.


The Canadian Draft gets started at 6pm here in Sask. I look forward to seeing who the newest stars in green and white will be!


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