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CFL Fans Being So Disrespectful about 50 Cent

Published: Sunday, Jun 16th 2024, 1:06pm

By Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)


Fact: The BC Lions moved more tickets for their home opener featuring a 50 Cent concert than they have in a very long time.

Unfortunately, what most CFL fans want to talk about is how many people didn’t stick around after the concert.

In a perfect world the BC Lions would have loved to have everyone stay and watch the team beat a West Division rival, but I bet if you asked everyone in the organization they knew this was a possibility.

Which is fine, but this is the entire reason the club went out and got 50 Cent.

Most CFL fans are concentrating on the wrong thing.

It is not about the fact they didn’t stay through the whole game, it is all about the fact they got them through  the door to begin with.


The massive crowd at BC Place for the Lions Home Opener – Photo By BC Lions


In marketing it is called a “loss leader” you offer customers that you typically wouldn’t reach a reason to come into your place of business, usually at a profit loss.

In the hope that they will spend more money on other items to offset the potential loss on the reason to draw them in.

Think Black Friday sales when they have giant TVs on super cheap, there are only 10 TVs but 100s of people trying to get one, but if they are there already they might pick up that surround sound.

The Lions gave people who are not fans a reason to buy a ticket to the game.

In fact, they had to expand the seating several times to allow access to keep up with the sales. So it probably isn’t even really a loss leader anymore.

And the people that left early they also bought food from the concessions, beer from the vendors, and maybe they bought some 50 Cent/Lions merch because they were there.

Yes, it would have been great if more of these 50 Cent fans stuck around to watch the game but even if they only made a handful of new fans with this, that is is still more than what they had prior.

So, no matter how you look at this the Lions probably made really good money on this event, they probably made some new fans, and they will probably make their home opener another event next year.

Which is great for the health of the BC Lions, the growth of Lions fans, and the whole CFL



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