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CFL Fans – It’s the Final Countdown

Published: Wednesday, Oct 3rd 2018, 2:10pm

By: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

We are down to the last 5 weeks of the CFL season, and with that, comes the rush for the playoffs. So far, all we know is the Calgary Stampeders will once again make the playoffs, and likely host another Western Final. Beyond that, how will the final 5 weeks go? I’m going to take a look at everyone’s last 4 or 5 games and tell you exactly how the remainder of the regular season will play out.

Current Standings

West Division


Calgary (11-2)

Saskatchewan (9-5)

Winnipeg (7-7)

Edmonton (7-7)

BC (6-7)


Eastern Division


Ottawa (8-5)

Hamilton (7-7)

Toronto (3-10)

Montreal (3-11)



@ Montreal – Win
vs BC – Win
vs Saskatchewan – Loss
@ Winnipeg – Win
@ BC – Loss



vs Edmonton – Win
@ Winnipeg – Loss
@ Calgary – Win
vs BC – Win



@ Ottawa – Loss
vs Saskatchewan – Win
vs Calgary – Loss
@ Edmonton – Loss



@ Saskatchewan – Loss
vs Ottawa – Win
@ BC – Win
vs Winnipeg – Win



Vs Toronto – Win
@ Calgary – Loss
vs Edmonton – Loss
@ Saskatchewan – Loss
vs Calgary – Win



Vs Winnipeg – Win
@ Edmonton – Loss
vs Hamilton – Win
@ Hamilton – Loss
vs Toronto – Win



@ Toronto – Win
@ Ottawa – Loss
vs Ottawa – Win
vs Montreal – Win



@ BC – Loss
vs Hamilton – Loss
vs Montreal – Win
@ Montreal – Win
@ Ottawa – Loss



vs Calgary – Loss
@ Toronto – Loss
vs Toronto – Loss
@ Hamilton – Loss



Final Standings


West Division


Calgary (14-4)

Saskatchewan (12-6)

Edmonton (10-8)

Winnipeg (8-10)

BC (8-10)



Eastern Division


Ottawa (11-7)

Hamilton (10-8)

Toronto (5-13)

Montreal (3-15)


A look at the schedule suggests the following. The Stampeders will host the West Final, while the Eskimos will have to travel through the Roughriders at Mosaic Stadium if they want to make the West Final.

In the East, the REDBLACKS will await the winner of Hamilton (Home) and BC, in hopes of having another shot at the Grey Cup.

There is one thing for certain though, CFL fans. As we come down to the final five weeks of the season, only one of the six playoff spots is set. Six teams will fight over the remaining five spots, and it will likely come right down to week 21.




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