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CFL Power Rankings – Post Free Agency

Published: Tuesday, Mar 7th 2023, 4:03pm

Okay, maybe it’s that dead time of the offseason just after free agency and before the CFL Draft and there isn’t much else to talk about, but for the first time in 2023, we have the Piffles Podcast Power Rankings.


Alex, Greg and Steve have all submitted their 1-9 rankings and based on some VERY scientific weighting (Top spot gets 9 points, bottom gets 1 point and we add them up) and there we have the cream of the crop all the way down to the cream of the crap. Here’s how we have it to start 2023:




  1. 1. Winnipeg (26 points)
  2. 2. Toronto (24 points)
  3. 3. BC (22 points)
  4. 4. Saskatchewan (17 points)
  5. 5. Calgary (15 points)
  6. 6. Hamilton (12 points)
  7. 7. Edmonton (10 points)
  8. 8. Montreal (5 points)
  9. 9. Ottawa (4 points)


Agree? Disagree? Let us know!! Where did your team land?


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