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CFL Teases New Era

Published: Thursday, May 9th 2019, 4:05am

by: Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

The CFL has finally teased New Era’s initial foray into professional sports. By New Era’s own admission, they were not looking at reinventing the CFL in the first year, but there are some obvious changes from the few images the teams and New Era dropped on social media today.

Being “Piffles Resident Logo Snob” it is my duty to stare way too long at these pictures.

Here we go…



Honestly not much to see here we saw the whole look when it was unveiled earlier this year. The teasers were unnecessary but hey why not join in on the fun.




A few things to take away here…1) Toronto is now on the chest instead of Argonauts… 2) MLSE really loves that Toronto font… and 3) Baby Blue numbers on both home and roads… I like it.





Blue Bombers:

Looks like the Bombers literally did nothing.

Who can blame them? This is one of the better looks they have had in a long time.





See above… Although not teased here, on draft day the Eskimos had a Yellow Version of their signature look helmet on the draft desk. This could mean the signature look jerseys are still going to be a thing but with the one helmet rule the CFL implemented they will just swap green decals on their regular yellow shells instead of yellow on green.





Lions made some obvious tweaks on the numbers adding an outline which will make them easier to read while also adding black to the road uniform for the first time in a few seasons. As mentioned with the Eskimos the Lions will not have home and road helmets anymore and will go with a black helmet with the traditional logo on the side.Also if you look at the pant teaser, you can see a white and orange line, which appear to match the helmet striping.







At first glance it looks like more of same old. But there is something about the teaser with the logo that just feels weird. The helmet on the player is facing right, so we see the front of the chest, but it doesn’t seem to match the home teaser that New Era threw on Instagram. It also looks more red, but that could just be the editing/light of the picture.

Could we be looking at a possible third jersey? I really don’t know but wouldn’t be surprised if the REDblacks embrace more red.





More of the same from last year, slight tweak on the collar and that is it. Although I don’t know why New Era would insist on making their logo black and white when they could have just made it green and white.



The defending Grey Cup champions already have a solid uniform set, obviously the biggest change going into this season is their “rush” helmet has been retired with the one helmet rule.

While it looks like there was no changes a closer look shows that the road white now has a red yoke on the back (and a name bar that doesn’t fit on it…c’mon New Era be better).

The Stamps retired the “clown collar” or “lobster bib” uniforms a few years ago, does this mean they are back?



Once again at first glance it seems like nothing is changed but it appears the Ticats have ditched the 2 colour numbers in favour of straight black on white without a yellow outline. Chances are the homes will just go straight yellow or white on the black which will also look sharp.

Also rumour is the Ti-cats will be bringing back the single yellow stripe back to the helmets starting this season.





The new uniforms are to be unveiled on May 15th and I can’t wait to see everything in all of its glory.



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