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Charleston Hughes, Cookie Lover

Published: Tuesday, Jun 26th 2018, 9:06pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

When asked about one thing Rider Nation should know about him, Charleston Hughes had one thing to say.


“I like gourmet style cookies, but the best cookie right now would probably be an Oreo.”

Hughes is a simple man and Riderville is excited to have him here. After spending the first 10 years of his career in Calgary with the Stampeders, Hughes is now happy to be in green and white. When asked about the day when he was traded from Calgary to Hamilton, then to Saskatchewan, he admitted it was tough.

” It was a rough day, but in the end I guess it worked out better for me than anyone else,” he said chuckling. “I mean Calgary, I don’t even know what they got… probably a box of Captain Crunch or something.”

In his first game as a Rider, he had 3 sacks, including the 100th of his career, but hitting a milestone was never big on his mind when he started out.

“My real goal was to make it to the next year and after that, then the next year and keep improving year after year.”

He’s led his team in sacks for 8 straight years and is currently pacing the Riders with 3 so far in 2018. If he keeps it up, it’ll be a 9th straight season as the team QB sack leader.

As for the Oreos? He treats them like quarterbacks.

“I would destroy a whole pack of Oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

You can hear our full interview with Charleston Hughes on episode 81 of the Piffles Podcast, out on Wednesday!


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