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Contenders vs Pretenders – Week 18

Published: Monday, Oct 2nd 2023, 1:10pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


The results of this week’s games went pretty much as expected, but was it enough for one of last week’s Pretenders to make the jump to a Contender? Here’s this week’s Contenders vs Pretenders:

*I’ll take out teams as soon as they are officially eliminated from the playoff race*


BC Lions – Contenders (Last Week – Contenders)

The Lions dominated the Riders and the score definitely flattered Saskatchewan, even when it was close in the first half. I’d be a bit concerned about all the field goals they settled for, especially against the league’s worst defense, but they are going to be a tough matchup in the West Final against Winnipeg, regardless of where the game is played.


Calgary Stampeders – Pretenders (Last Week – Pretenders)

I’ve been saying all year that Jake Maier isn’t it, but the problems go much deeper with the Stamps. They have a couple REALLY good players, but overall, it’s just a bad roster. They need a full roster turnover to get back into the team they used to be.


Edmonton Elks – Pretenders (Last Week – Pretenders)

I like where the Elks are trending and I think they’ll be in the playoff discussion all year in 2024, but this is still a largely disappointing season for a team that probably should have more than 4 wins.


Hamilton Tiger-Cats – Contenders (Last Week – Pretenders)

After a brutal start to the season, the Ticats have been playing REALLY good ball lately and it’s gotten them into the playoffs with the possibility of a home playoff game. Matthew Shiltz returning gives their offense another unique look that the Stamps weren’t ready for, but it gives them more options. They’re on a good run right now and you have to take them seriously. 


Montreal Alouettes – Contenders (Last Week – Contenders)

This season is a perfect example of their QB Cody Fajardo’s career. Ups and downs and even some downs in the ups. Right now, they are playing pretty good, Cody is making good decisions and throws… but he’ll also baffle you with a bad decision. He needs his O-Line to step up at some point this season, because they have some great pieces in that offense that are exciting to watch… if they get the time to run their plays.


Ottawa Redblacks – Pretenders (Last Week – Pretenders)

Technically still alive for the crossover spot in the West Division, the Redblacks once again showed us how truly bad of a team they are in their loss to Montreal. I know you can’t keep blowing it up, but blow it up. 


Saskatchewan Roughriders – Pretenders (Last Week – Pretenders)

I don’t even know where to go with the Riders. Effort isn’t there from the coaches to the players, they are playing lethargic and seem to be going through the motions. Yet, they only really need 1 win in their final 3 to make the playoffs. If their defense could stop giving up 30+ points per game, they’d have a shot at getting that one win… IF.


Toronto Argonauts – Contenders (Last Week – Contenders)

Doug Brown called it a “chicken sh*t” move to not play Chad Kelly against the Bombers, but Winnipeg still had plenty of problems against Cameron Dukes. The Argos are the deepest team in the league and I just can’t see them not being in the Grey Cup in Hamilton. 


Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Contenders (Last Week – Contenders)

They have their flaws (who doesn’t?) but they still continue to find ways to win, which is what good teams do. The West Final between them and the Lions is going to be a good one. I have to think right now that we get a Grey Cup rematch between the Bombers and Argos in Hamilton this year.


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