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Crystal Football League – 3 Predictions for 2018

Published: Friday, Apr 6th 2018, 4:04am

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

Despite the cold weather training camp is coming up fast, and CFL fans are getting excited about the 2018 season. Time to dust off the old crystal ball and see what the future holds for this season.

1) We will be hearing the nickname “Mr. 3-way” a lot

Rod Black, god bless him, loves coming up with nicknames and in one game last season he called Duron Carter “Mr. 3-way” because Duron played offense, defense, and special teams.

Despite the stacked secondary the Riders have, don’t be surprised to see Duron patrolling the secondary. Chris Jones understands that an engaged Duron is easier to deal with than a moody one, and the best way to keep him engaged is to keep him on the field.

It also doesn’t hurt that Duron has proven he can be a game changer in all 3 phases.

But as an extra bonus, we might have a new addition to the Rod Black Drinking Game.

2) Diontae4K

We had a chance to talk to Ottawa RedBlack speedster Dionate Spencer at CFL Week. He looked us in the eye and stated he was going to beat the CFL record for All-Purpose yards in a season, currently held by Saskatchewan Roughrider Chad Owens.

And not only was he going to beat it, he promised us he was going to get at least 4000 yards.

In order for him to do that he would need just over 222 yards per game and I don’t doubt for a second he will do it if he can stay healthy.

Going to be fun to watch.

3)  Josh Freeman won’t have to worry about learning French

With all the talk about Johnny Manziel, Montreal Alouette Quarterback Josh Freeman has slid under the radar.

Like Manziel he was an NFL first round pick that never lived up to the potential and fizzled out of the league, and it has been a few years since his last snap of meaningful football. But I have to admit I think Manziel would be a better fit up here than Freeman.

Freeman should probably fire his agent because he is entering a really bad situation and his time in Montreal will most likely be very short. The Alouettes were a tire fire last season and despite overpaying for free agents their roster might be built worse.

And with a CFL rookie head coach Mike Sherman at the helm, Freeman may learn the true meaning of #Consequences.

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