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Emerging Stars Force Release of Derel Walker

Published: Wednesday, Aug 9th 2023, 4:08pm

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced on Wednesday morning they have released veteran receiver Derel Walker… of course they did, we JUST released this week’s episode! While it is a bit of a shock, when you look at it, it really shouldn’t be.


Walker was brought in as a security blanket for QB Trevor Harris. With both Walker and Harris being hurt, we’ve seen new QB1 Mason Fine develop some chemistry with Tevin Jones and Shawn Bane Jr. Even in his first game against Ottawa, Jerreth Sterns didn’t look out of place at all.


The emergence of Jones, Bane Jr., Sterns and even Kendall Watson playing decently in his limited time has granted the Riders the flexibility to make this decision on Walker. The Riders are able to save a bit of salary cap space with this move and that can go towards a bonus after the season ends.


Of course, the Riders are expecting Kian Schaffer-Baker, Mitch Picton and Juwan Brescacin back soon and with the team wanting to go with two starting Canadian receivers, that only leaves three American spots open. Jones and Bane Jr. have MORE than exceeded expectations so far this season and Jake Wieneke is a better option than Walker right now. It’s a shame Walker got injured after the first game of the year, but it did give a chance for the younger guys to shine… and they have!


Kudos to General Manager Jeremy O’Day to make this move and not stick with a vet, like most GM’s tend to do.


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