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Episode 266 – Mock Draft SZN

Published: Wednesday, Apr 24th 2024, 12:04am

Ep. 266 of The Piffles Podcast (presented by Dairy Queen on Elphinstone St. & Sask. Drive in Regina) is here!


Greg returns after a 1 week hiatus and the band is back together! The guys discuss the new jerseys and logo the Saskatchewan Roughriders will roll out for ‘Green is the Colour’ game in July, decide whether the retirement of O-Lineman Logan Bandy will alter any draft plans and Darian Durant returns to Saskatchewan (radio)!



Plus, the guys have their first ever (annual?) Piffles Mock Draft (by positions only) with a prize up for grabs! Who is going to have the all important bragging rights after the Riders draft next week?



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