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Episode 275 – Three and OH HELL YEAH!

Published: Wednesday, Jun 26th 2024, 6:06pm

Ep. 275 of The Piffles Podcast (presented by Dairy Queen on Elphinstone St. & Sask. Drive in Regina) is here!


Stephen, Greg and Alex get to re-live ANOTHER Rider victory, this time a dominant 36-20 win in the home opener over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. But, there is some worry with the Trevor Harris injury, the guys go over that as well. Plus, is it time for Ajou Ajou to jump a vet on the depth chart?



And of course, the guys have a bit too much fun at the expense of the 0-3 Linnipeg Blue Bombers when they take a look around the CFL. And after a historically bad start against the spread, the Piffles Picks will… likely remain bad.



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