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Episode 276 – Someone Call the (Paul) LaPolice!

Published: Wednesday, Jul 3rd 2024, 12:07pm

Ep. 276 of The Piffles Podcast (presented by Dairy Queen on Elphinstone St. & Sask. Drive in Regina) is here!


Replacement Steve Alert!!
No Steve this week, so that means Alex and Greg need a replacement Steve. Fortunately, CFL on TSN’s own Paul LaPolice volunteered to slide right into the third chair for the Opening Kick Off!

Coach LaPolice breaks down what he sees in the Riders this year, what to expect with Shea Patterson at QB1, The Dribble Kick, Rider memories, his foray into the world of YouTube and so much more.



In the Odds and Endzones, the guys break down the other happenings in the CFL during the bye week, obscure QBs in Rider history, Power Rankings with a special impression by Alex and discuss if a team actually better than their record.

Plus the Piffles Pickem and so much more.


Be sure to check out Paul LaPolice’s Youtube channel for great CFL breakdowns!



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