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Exclusive: Riders Roll Out New Alternate Look in 2024

Published: Friday, Apr 19th 2024, 5:04am

By Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)


Piffles Podcast has learned that the Riders will be adding a fourth uniform to the teams rotation for 2024. The Riders regular jersey rotation already includes their regular Rider green home, White away, and retro “Racing stripe” uniforms.

The new uniform is similar to the one that was shown to focus groups of Riders fans a few seasons ago and will feature a new logo that the Riders trademarked in July 0f 2022.

The uniform will feature 3 different shades of green; Rider, Emerald, and Obsidian. Emerald and Obsidian were added to the Riders official style guide back in 2022.


Rider Greens


The new uniform will be Obsidian from head to toe with Emerald and Rider green highlights and very little white.

And yes, head definitely means new helmet!

Piffles has learned that one of the changes from the focus group is a new Obsidian helmet.

Obsidian appears to be a custom colour exclusive in pro sports to the Riders, which will definitely make this set stand out.


The reported debut is set for “Green is the Colour” Night, Friday July 19th game vs the Blue Bombers.

Observant fans may have noticed the Riders marketing team basically told everyone with the theme night announcements:

“Green is indeed the colour — and like the shades you’ll see throughout our province — there are always plenty of green hues inside a packed Mosaic Stadium… ”


No word when the Riders will make the announcement public.


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