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Free Agents Around the League – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Published: Wednesday, Dec 19th 2018, 6:12pm

By Piffles Podcast Staff (@PifflesPod)



The Piffles Free Agent Cross Country Tour continues and makes a stop in 1990 country… Winnipeg. Which prairie rivals would look good in green and white for one reason or another? We share our top picks.


Greg’s Picks (@GregOnSports)

LB Adam Bighill – This guy will be everyone’s #1 target. If you aren’t trying to sign him, you should be fired.

OL Sukh Chungh – Canadian O-Lineman that pretty much lived up to all his hype. Go get him!

QB Darian Durant – If you want to break the CFL Twitter… this is how you do it.

DB Taylor Loffler – Hard hitter, Canadian passport and a sick flow… what else do you need?

FB John Rush – Canadian, plays hard, does charity work, loves dogs… he’s practically Piffles Hall of Fame Certified already.


Steve’s Picks (@Safimod)

LB Adam Bighill – Best LB in the league.

DB Taylor Loffler – Quality Canadian, need to get that mullet in Saskatchewan!

OL Sukh Chungh – Top end O-Lineman

DL Jackson Jeffcoat – I want to see the world burn and watch Rider Nation react to this.

QB Darian Durant – Vetern QB on the cheap and the blow up from Winnipeg would be delicious!


Alex’s Picks (@RealAlexD)

LB Adam Bighill – I have to give a reason?

DB Taylor Loffler – His parents have a home here in Regina… plus that mullet! Oh, he’s also one of, if not the best Canadian DB out there.

FB John Rush – His love for dogs is amazing! He’s a super good dude and I would love for Penelope to play with Bone all the time!

LB Thomas Miles – He could help in recruiting John Rush here. The Regina Humane Society could use great people like him to help out and play with some puppers.

QB Darian Durant – No, not to play… come out of retirement, sign a 1 day contract and retire properly in green and white and resume your proper place on the Rider Mount Rushmore.


Next Stop: Ottawa


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