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Free Agents From Around The League – BC Lions

Published: Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018, 3:12pm

By: Piffles Podcast Staff (@PifflesPod)

Next up on our cross Canada tour of the CFL’s free agent list, is the BC Lions. This list is not necessarily the “top 5 team Free Agents” but more realistically the top 5 players that will fit in Saskatchewan.

Alex – (@RealAlexD)

Bryan Burnham – One of the most underappreciated stars in this league. Burnham has some of the best hands in the CFL.

Micah Awe – He’s still just 24 years old and showed he can be a productive player in this league

Jonathon Jennings – Not that I necessarily WANT him here just that I think he WILL be here. Jennings needs a fresh start and still has all the tools to be a very good QB in this league.

Jovon Olafioye – Would be a massive upgrade to the left tackle spot over Takoby Cofield

Chris Rainey – Dynamic runner and returner. Not a NEED in Saskatchewan, but his smile is contagious and I would welcome that here.

Greg – (@GregOnSports)

Bryan Burnham – I would argue he has the best hands in the CFL from someone not named SJ Green

Jonathon Jennings – Say hello to your 2019 starting QB

Shaquille Johnson – What can I say? I like Canadian receivers

TJ Lee – Just out of the top 10 for defense. Would be a solid addition

Tyrell Sutton – Great blocker and runner that could add to our offense


Stephen – (@Safimod)

Bryan Burnham – This is a recording. Solid, underappreciated receiver with arguably the best hands in the CFL. Plus he has history with our potential 2019 starting QB.

Odell Willis – Definitely not a position of need for the Riders, and really not a guy that fits well into our system… BUT – I would love the opportunity to interview him regularly.

Jovon Olafioye – With Jovon Johnson apparently heading out the door this offseason, we will need to keep our Jovon quota up. That, and he is a solid tackle and would be a good upgrade to our OL.

Jeremiah Johnson – Out of all of the RB’s that BC has as free agents, I feel like Jeremiah Johnson is the most likely to sign elsewhere. Averaging over 5 yards per carry throughout his career, he would be a solid addition to our backfield.

DeVier Posey – Would be another great addition to our receiving group. He is the type of player that can go off at almost any time (See 2017 Grey Cup), and would add another legitimate scoring threat to our roster.

Tomorrow, we fly back east to look at the Toronto Argonauts


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