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Free Agents – Top 5 Must Sign and Top 5 Must Go

Published: Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018, 5:11pm

Free Agency – The Must Signs and the Let them Walks

By: Piffles Podcast Staff (@PifflesPod)

With the season over, and 2019 now ahead of us, it’s time to look at the list of Saskatchewan Roughrider free agents, and who we all want to see back to lead us to a Grey Cup in 2019.

First off – let’s look at the MUST SIGNS for 2019 in no particular order.

Alex (@RealAlexD)

  1. Naaman Roosevelt – He is our #1 receiver and an absolute must sign for 2019.
  2. Patrick Lavoie – Looked very good in his limited time here. He’s a must sign for 2019.
  3. Willie Jefferson – The team’s MOP. If he’s not in the NFL, he HAS to be here.
  4. Zack Evans – He is an absolute must sign.
  5. Mike Edem – He’s a starting Canadian (and a great interview). Sign him!

Honourable Mentions: Tobi Antigha, Sam Eguavoen, Mic’hael Brooks, Josiah St John

Greg (@GregOnSports)

  1. Naaman Roosevelt – This has become his team, a quiet leader of the receiving corps who does his talking on the field.
  2. Willie Jefferson – The Riders MOP from 2018 and was the catalyst for the team’s defensive performance. If he isn’t in the NFL next year, he needs to be back.
  3. Sam Eguavoen – Quickly becoming a defensive star. Turned a lot of heads with his performance this past season.
  4. Zack Evans – There is no way the Riders let the local boy slip through their fingers twice, is there?
  5. Tobi Antigha – The guy can play every position on the defense. He is the prototypical Chris Jones style athlete, and could be the next guy up if Willie Jefferson heads south.

Stephen (@Safimod)

  1. Willie Jefferson – Really, what else can I say that hasn’t already been said? He is the spoon that stirs the drink that was our defense in 2018. If he’s not down south, he is the first guy that needs to be signed.
  2. Samuel Eguavoen – He developed into a key cog in our linebacker corps alongside Moncrief and Hurl/Judge. The Riders need to make him a priority, but he may get a look down south first.
  3. Josiah St John – It feels weird to put this one down as he was talked about as such a bust for the first 2.5 years of his contract. When he finally got his chance to start, he looked solid. He would be a solid addition to our offensive line in 2019 and beyond.
  4. Tobi Antigha – The Wide Receiver turned Defensive End turned Linebacker turned Safety is the epitome of a Chris Jones athlete. He can play any position on that defense, and needs to be back in 2019.
  5. Naaman Roosevelt – A team that lost 3 veteran receivers at the start of 2018 can’t afford to lose yet another one. Roosevelt is the leader of the receiving corps and a veteran presence on and off the field.

Honourable Mentions:  Mike Edem, Zack Evans, Patrick Lavoie

Now – let’s look at the “Gotta Go” players for 2019. These are the players we wouldn’t be disappointed to see sign elsewhere/retire if it happens.


  1. The QBs – Injuries have caught up with Zach Collaros. If he is willing to come back much cheaper as a backup, he would be an option, but he should consider retiring before the string of concussions catches up with him. Brandon Bridge is not a good professional QB, even if the QB spot counts in the ratio. Drew Tate was signed on for emergency purposes, we know he won’t be back.
  2. Kenny Shaw – I tried throwing him a contract, but he dropped that too.
  3. Rob Bagg – Was a waste to bring him back midway through the year. In my opinion, he should have been cut 3 years ago. Thanks for all you’ve done for the Riders Rob, but buh bye.
  4. Makana Henry – If he would come back for cheap, why not, but I won’t be heart-broken if he doesn’t.
  5. Eddie Steele – Rotation guy at best now. For salary reasons, he can walk.


  1. The Quarterbacks – Collaros is injury prone and inconsistent. Brandon Bridge, even if his passport counts, regressed too much. Drew Tate? Bahahahahaha
  2. Rob Bagg – Still scratching my head over why they brought him back just to healthy scratch him until they ran into ratio problems, only to trade for more Canadian receivers.
  3. Kenny Shaw – Goodbye frying pan hands.
  4. Caleb Holley – Was chosen by us to be the breakout player of the CFL this season, got hurt and then beaten out by a stable of rookies. Unless he stays for cheap, there is no real reason to keep him.
  5. Jovon Johnson – This is tough because it’s not that I want him to walk, but age catches up with everyone, no matter what shape you are in (see Bagg, Rob section Biceps) Great community guy, hope he makes a home here, but I don’t see a place for him on the field here in 2019.


  1. Rob Bagg – like Alex and Greg, I am still shaking my head wondering why he was brought in this season, other than as that veteran presence in the receiving corps. Was amazing on the field for his career, and a great guy in the community, but with Jake Harty hopefully healthy for 2019, there isn’t a spot for him.
  2. The stable of QBs – See above for my reasons.
  3. Devon Bailey – I was really excited when he re-signed this season, but he did not live up to expectations.
  4. Caleb Holley – His midseason injury saw him passed by several rookies on the roster, all of whom are signed through 2019 or later.
  5. Kenny Shaw – See above. Had high hopes when he signed, but they depleted very quickly.



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