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Gainer, Not Punter Should be Inducted Into Mascot Hall of Fame

Published: Tuesday, May 16th 2023, 1:05am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The Edmonton Elks finally have a victory at home… Their beloved mascot Punter has been nominated for the Mascot Hall of Fame.


The Mascot Hall of Fame only has one Canadian inductee to date, Youppi, the old Montreal Expos/Montreal Canadiens mascot, who had some legendary moments with Tommy Lasorda back in the day.


Punter… an over inflated football is up for induction after only being around for 20 years, but EASILY the best mascot in Canada, let alone the CFL, Gainer the Gopher (who has been around since 1977, I might add) isn’t up for this?? BLASPHEMY! The pride of Parkbeg, Saskatchewan, a true success story, needs to be the CFL mascot who gets into the Mascot Hall of Fame… not a literal ball… THAT YOU KICK AWAY!


I mean, first, look at Punter’s name. Punter. You NEVER want to have to do that in a game. It means FAILURE! And to top it off, he even fights HIS OWN TEAMMATES! Gainer would NEVER!


EVERYONE loves Gainer! He is requested for children’s birthday parties for crying out loud! Not to mention, he was a special guest at Stephen’s wedding! His antics are exciting, fun and his cheers get the fans going at Mosaic Stadium! Sure, Gainer doesn’t wear pants and he had his fight with addiction that caused his eyes to be green for a bit, but he overcame that! I know that I’d feel safe with my kids around Gainer. I can’t say the same about Punter.


PLEASE, Mascot Hall of Fame, reconsider this and put Gainer up instead.


Ok, seriously, this is all in fun, vote Punter into the Mascot Hall of Fame. More eyes on the CFL is a great thing, even if Punter is the worst mascot in the history of sports.


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