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Game Day – Riders Begin Era of Fine Against Lions

Published: Saturday, Jul 22nd 2023, 1:07pm

The Mason Fine era in Riderville begins this afternoon when the Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the best in the West, the BC Lions in Vancouver. I (Alex) for one am excited to see what Fine can do given a chance with this team. Obviously, I’d rather Trevor Harris not get hurt, but football gonna football and without injuries, we don’t get a chance to see future greats.


Can Mason Fine be one of those greats? Time will tell, but I will say that I’m not holding last year’s starts against him. He didn’t exactly look very good in those two games against the Calgary Stampeders, but he also had a team around him that gave up, a coach in Craig Dickenson that lost the room. This year, the team is still 3-2 entering the game with a big chance to show they can compete with the best.


In my Top 5 Things to Watch, I noted that Kelly Jeffrey needs to be an elite play caller to give Fine the help he needs. I’m curious to see what he has drawn up for this week. For more on this game and discussion around the CFL, have a listen to the last episode of The Piffles Podcast (subscribe on YouTube).


Here’s how the teams will line up tonight in BC:


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