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Game Day – Riders Ready to Bring Em Out For Home Preseason Game

Published: Monday, May 20th 2024, 3:05am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


It’s GAME DAY here in Rider Nation!! Time to BRING EM OUT!! Football is BACK!!


For your Saskatchewan Roughriders, you should expect to see the starters for a portion of the first half. With a new offense being put in with Coach Marc Mueller, it makes sense to have Trevor Harris and the projected starters get some live reps and develop some chemistry. How long will they play? Hopefully not much more than a quarter, but I think we should see a few drives out of them. 



On the flip side, I’m really interested to see the defensive backfield throughout the entire game. Will guys be playing in different positions through the game or do the coaches already have their projected starters in mind and keep players to one spot? I’m also interested in the defensive ends and who can step up and possibly earn a starting spot on the roster.


For Winnipeg, no Zach Collaros, but that’s okay, Stephen’s favourite CFL player Chris STEVEler… I mean Streveler will get plenty of time with the offense. I’m sure he can’t wait to talk about it on the show this week! 



See you at Mosaic Stadium! GO RIDERS!


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