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Game Day – Riders Season Hangs by Thread Against Argos

Published: Saturday, Oct 21st 2023, 3:10pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


For the final time in 2023, it’s (regular season) Game Day in Saskatchewan. While there isn’t a lot of hope or optimism for the Riders in this game to keep their season alive one more week, there is still a chance. And if Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber taught me anything, it’s to be happy you still have a shot.


A loss this afternoon to Toronto would end the Riders season… will they come out with the same energy they started last week against Calgary with, before it all came crumbling down just before halftime and in the second half? The Stampeders showed out last night against BC, maybe the Riders with their backs against the wall do the same? A win in this game is a must, not just for the playoffs, but for next year as well.


But, given what we’ve seen from this team in the back half of the season, should we really expect anything? Or is it just going to be another disappointment in front of the home crowd, a 7th straight loss and we will FINALLY see some changes after another embarrassing end to a season? Sadly, that’s where I’m leaning.


I hope they enjoyed their final week together glow bowling… 


Here’s how the team will line up for the final time this season:


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