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Grading the Saskatchewan Roughriders Canadian Draft

Published: Wednesday, May 1st 2024, 12:05pm

The Saskatchewan Roughriders made 8 picks Tuesday night in the CFL Canadian Draft and it’s time for us to give our way too early draft grades about guys we have no idea about! 


Here’s who was drafted by the green and white:

Round 1 (3rd overall) – OL Kyle Hergel (Boston College) (Signed a free agent contract with the New Orleans Saints)

Round 2 (12th overall) – LB Nick Wiebe (U of S)

Round 3 (23rd overall) – WR Dhel Duncan-Busby (Bemidji State)

Round 4 (32nd overall) – LB Melique Straker (Arkansas State)

Round 5 (41st overall) – OL Daniel Johnson (Purdue)

Round 6 (50th overall) – WR D’Sean Mimbs (Regina)

Round 7 (59th overall) – WR Ajou Ajou (South Florida)

Round 8 (68th overall) – DB Richard Aduboffour (Western)


Greg and Alex got into the Draft a bit on episode 267 of The Piffles Podcast, but how do the Piffles Podcast guys grade what the Riders did with their picks?


Greg’s Grade: A-

I like it, they got some pieces. I think I can see what Jeremy O’Day is trying to do right now with the Air Force 2.0, making the O-Line younger and you can’t go wrong with linebackers, because they immediately play special teams. The only question mark is Kyle Hergel, but I’d be shocked if he isn’t here next year.


Steve’s Grade: B-

The Riders went for a home run on their first pick – the problem is, we won’t know if they even got a hit until well down the road. Nick Wiebe was a great pick, though perhaps another slight reach. Overall – improved their depth and took a shot on a guy who could anchor their O-Line for a decade if we see him up north.


Alex’s Grade: B

There’s some really solid picks here and the Riders made it clear they want to re-create the Canadian Air Force. I think they reached on Kyle Hergel and Nick Wiebe, but if both of them become starters in the future, then General Manager Jeremy O’Day knocked this out of the park. Would have liked to have seen a few more guys that can come in tomorrow to make an impact, but they’re pretty happy with what they have right now, so they looked at 2025 and beyond.


What did you think of the picks the Riders made in the 2024 CFL Draft? Let us know what grade you’d give the team!



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